PID Self-Tuner

Loadable function blocks for self adjusting controllers


The PID Self-Tuner software package expands the PID controller with additional function blocks to form a self-tuning PID or PI controller:

  • Continuous-action PID controller

  • Step controller with or without position feedback

Easily understandable functions and systematically structured examples enable the controller to be adjusted online and adapted to the process.

PID Self-Tuner

PID Self-Tuner can be combined with PID Control (integrated into STEP 7), Standard and Modular PID Control as well as FM 355 and FM 455. PID Self-Tuner can be used on SIMATIC S7-300/400 and C7 hardware platforms as well as in WinAC. PID Self-Tuner is ideally suitable for optimizing temperature, fill-level and flow controls.

Process requirements

  • Stable asymptotic transient response Delay times that are not too long (delay time < 0.3 x build-up time)

  • Sufficient linearity in the selected operating range

  • Sufficient quality of measurement signals

  • Processes are not intensified too much

Design and functions

  • Online initial adjustment of PID controllers

  • Online adaptation of the PID controller for reoptimizing at the operating point

  • Optimizing processes with heating and active cooling

  • Manual mode

  • Optimization with control zone response

  • Test functions