STEP 7 Add-on for Configuring SiMATIC Control Systems


D7 SYS is an Add-on for STEP 7/CFC/SFC for configuration of control and automation tasks with T400, FM 458, SIMADYN D or SIMATIC TDC.
It comprises technology and function blocks for all target systems, device specific block libraries as well as the tools SFC, CFC, TH-PO.
D7-FB-Gen, a function block generator for the creation of customized function blocks is optionally available.

Optionpackage D7 SYS


  • Use of consistent standard tools

  • Less engineering efforts due to combining predefined┬á parametrerable blocks

  • Sampling times from 100 ┬Ás for dynamic control tasks configurable

  • Own application-function-blocks can be integrated

  • Comprehensive library of more than 300 function blocks

Area of application

The D7-SYS engineering tool provides the optimal function blocks for every application.

  • Control loop blocks

  • Arithmetic blocks

  • Input/output blocks

  • Communication/operation/signaling blocks

  • Conversion blocks

  • Logic blocks

  • Service and diagnostic blocks

  • Motion control blocks
    e.g. gears, positioner, cam, drum-type cutter, etc.

Design and function

The engineering tool is used as an add-on to STEP 7/CFC/SFC
Should the available standard blocks for special applications not be sufficient, the user block generator can be used. In this way, user-specific function blocks can be created in C, which can be used in CFC.
The function block files are subdivided into the standard library, GMC library (motion control), technology library and various platform dependent libraries.
Mode of operation
The object-oriented graphical programming or configuration is performed with the engineering editors CFC and SFC. The function blocks are positioned and connected in the diagram with the help of the graphical editor continuous function chart (CFC) in accordance with the technological requirements.
The sequential function chart (SFC) editor with an easy-to-use and clear sequence control can optionally be used to combine CFC programs. Program sections which execute sequentially can be easily created with the SFC by controlling and selectively editing the (technology) functions created with the CFC.
The SIMATIC Manager contained in STEP 7 manages the program and project administration. The required hardware is compiled and configured with the provided HW Config.