Software test without controller for STEP 7 V 5.x



Simulation systems provide effective support with the development of programs and the following actual application. In the automation environment, a simulated test environment including PLC and process reduces startup times and thus costs, for example. Early discovery of programming errors and optimization of program sections enable the optimized and errorfree use of the programs in the actual system. If a program is modified, it can be tested prior to loading it onto the plant control system.

Area of application

SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM simulates a controller for functional testing of user blocks and programs for S7-300 and S7-400 on the programming device/PC. Online access and test functions of the programming tools can be carried out in exactly the same manner as with a real controller. This allows the entire program test to be carried out on-site in the development office.The facilty to simulate the communication via MPI, PROFIBUS DP and TCP/IP is new and ensures a high degree of flexibility in the simulation.

PLCSIM is capable of working with multi-instances from Version 5.4 SP3. It is possible to start several PLCSIM and test several controllers simultaneously. After the program download the instance adopts the station’s name.

So, user programs can be tested together (communication between controllers).


Design and functions

S7-PLCSIM executes the user program just like a real controller (special functions such as F technology only conditionally). During program execution, different process values can be monitored and changed via a simple user interface (e.g. switching inputs/outputs on or off).

Link-up with an external process simulation

The S7-ProSim interface is used for linking up to external process simulation systems. Dynamic access to process values is possible via this interface. The PROSIM Interface is using the COM Object and is programmable for example with the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ V6.0 and the Microsoft Visual C++ .NET.


S7-PLCSIM  is part of the STEP 7 Professional Software package yet also available separately. Customers that already use STEP 7 can change to STEP 7 Professional  by purchasing a POWERPACK. A valid STEP 7 license is needed for this upgrade. Software Update Service is offered for the STEP 7 Professional package as well.