Visualizing process diagnostics information



A defective actuator or sensor, an incorrect movement, a missed lock or an expired monitoring time can cause massive malfunctions in the total process.

Such errors (and others) in the process can be detected and reported with SIMATIC engineering software such as S7-PDIAG or S7-GRAPH and SIMATIC ProAgent, the option packages for operator control and process monitoring solutions.

ProAgent gives you precise information on the location and cause of the error and even provide notes on how to correct the situation. ProAgent has been optimally tailored to the S7-300/400 controllers and works in conjunction with the SIMATIC engineering software S7-PDIAG, S7-GRAPH or S7-HiGraph.

The ProAgent option package contains standard diagrams that are geared to the requirements of the STEP 7 engineering software.During runtime,these are provided with process-specific data.

ProAgent supports the concurrent diagnosis of the control programs of a range of STEP 7 engineering software