The SITRANS CONNECTION mobile  application enables direct serial communication between an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and any SITRANS F US clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter to enhance all metering functionalities, including programming, operational review, data logging and download.

The SITRANS CONNECTION app provides greater mobility, making connectivity possible without the need for a laptop computer. The app also features full menu visibility and a complete alphanumeric keypad for easier navigation and programming, which is especially useful for meters with limited displays. In addition, SITRANS CONNECTION offers instant service, allowing shared access to your terminal window with a qualified service technician (Wi-Fi or cellular service required).

SITRANS CONNECTION must be purchased via your local country-specific iTunes App Store. Additionally, one of three required connection kits must be purchased directly from Siemens based on meter configuration. Ordering instructions are located in the “About” section of the app.


  • Plug & play connectivity

  • Settable baud rate up to maximum capacity of SITRANS F US clamp-on flowmeters (38400)

  • Easy download of datalogger, site program and signal graph data for viewing or transfer to PC

  • Connection Manager option organizes saved sessions with different serial configurations or connection types

  • Fully configurable terminal settings (baud rate, parity, flow control, scroll buffer, column width) with common command drop-down menus

  • User-programmable special function keys for simplified functionality

  • Cut/copy/paste directly from terminal window and slideout clipboard viewer

  • Three versions of connection kit available to accommodate all meter types

  • Connection kit includes C2-RJ45 serial cable, RJ45-D89 adapter and interconnect cable where necessary

  • Please note: Additional purchase of Apple‘s Lightning to 30-pin Adapter required for use with iPhone 5