Our weighfeeders make a significant contribution toward optimization of your production sequences. The intelligent systems continuously measure the load on the belt and the belt's velocity, from which they calculate the current delivery rate. They compare the quantity actually measured with the set point and appropriately control the belt velocity.

The SITRANS weighfeeders from Siemens include a weighing bridge, velocity sensor, and transmitter. The highly sensitive load cells from Siemens provide a very high accuracy when weighing, and thus optimize mixing operations and production processes. The practically maintenance-free design is a guarantee for maximum performance.

All versions are also available with corrugated edge belt. The height of the flange depends on the design and application. The size and width of the belt are tailored according to the requirements of the application.


  • High accuracy

  • Fast installation

  • Simple cleaning and maintenance

  • Simple changing of belt for replacement and cleaning

  • Customized design

Usable Products


Weighfeeders for continuous weighing and dosing

Milltronics BW 500

Stand-alone-integrator for continuous weighing


Weighing module for continuous weighing processes, force measurements in both
directions, SIMATIC S7-300, SIMATIC ET200M


Weighing module, flexible use also without PLC

Application Support

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