A loss-in-weight system can help you to achieve the needed level of accuracy in continuous dosing applications. With SIWAREX FTC weighing modules, you can set up and integrate the loss-in-weight system easily. Here the autosetup functionality helps you in the commissioning of the scale. The electronics determines the most important settings like output, PID or stability parameter. While processing SIWAREX FTC steadily optimizes these settings.

Operators can use standard HMI components from Siemens for all operation, calibration and fault diagnostics functions of the scale.

Single components can be used, or also applications for multicomponent dosing in relation to each other.



  • High volumetric dosing accuracy

  • High repeatability

  • Real-time signal processing

  • Openess and freedom of user action enables adaptations by own personnel or experts

Usable Products


Weighing module for continuous weighing processes, force measurements in both directions, SIMATIC S7-300, SIMATIC ET200M

SIWAREX load cells

Rated load from 300 g to 500 t

SIWAREX accessories

junction boxes, grounding cables, mounting units, etc.

Application Support

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