Automatic scales for batching according to OIML 61


Automatic scales are units appropriate for determining the mass of a body with utilization of the effect of the gravitational force on the body without operator interventions and to automatically follow a characteristic program sequence defined for the unit. Most of load cells sold by Siemens have been approved for use in scales requiring Class III verification in accordance with DIN EN 45501, and comply with OIML R60 to 3000d. We recommend our customers to use SIWAREX FTA as the electronics. In verified mode, this electronics has a high accuracy of 3 x 6000 divisions. The FTA can be used for batching, filling/sack filling and loading.



  • Highly accurate measurement of the current weight

  • Exact control of weighing processes

  • Display with verification capability using SIMATIC standard operator panels  and legal-for-trade memory

  • High accuracy up to 3 x 6000d, with verification capability

  • Uniform design and totally integrated communication in SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Uniform configuration with SIMATIC Step 7 Classic or TIA portal

Usable Products


Weighing module for applications with verification capability, batching, filling, checking; SIMATIC ET200M or SIMATIC S7-300

SIWAREX load cells

Rated load from 300 g to 500 t

SIWAREX accessories

Junction boxes, grounding cables, mounting units, etc.

Application Support

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