Gravimetric level measurement


Liquids, powders, bulk materials or gases are usually produced and stored in tanks or containers. In order to guarantee the availability of these goods, it is necessary to know the exact levels within the containers.

Application of SIWAREX weighing technology permits highly exact and reliable measurement of tank levels independent of the content – whether liquid or bulk material, corrosive or dusty.

In order to prevent errors due to lateral forces (e.g. due to pipe connections), it is recommendable to use SIWAREX mounting units for the installation of load cells, whereby the installation is even simplified.


  • Very high accuracy of up to 0.005% independently of ambient conditions and material properties

  • Independent of agitators and container shape  

  • Funnel flow, heaped objects and bridging have no influence  

  • Suitable for both small containers and large silos (>1000t)  

  • Free choice of medium (liquid, powder, …..)  

  • Easy integration in SIMATIC / PCS7  

  • Use of SIMATIC CPU diagnostic interrupts  

  • Uniform access from the control system to all parameters and data of the scales  

  • Legal-for-trade measurements possible  

  • High plant availability and low operating costs  

  • Use of the standard tools STEP7 and SIWATOOL  

  • Ready-to-use SW package for programming and operating the scales in various languages

Usable Products


Weighing module for simple weighing and force measurements, SIMATIC ET200S


Weighing module for simple weighing and force measurements, SIMATIC ET200M
oder SIMATIC S7-300


Weighing module for applications with verification capability, batching, filling, checking;

SIWAREX load cells

Rated load from 300 g to 500 t

SIWAREX accessories

Junction boxes, grounding cables, mounting units, etc.

Application Support

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