Pointek CLS500


Pointek CLS500 is an inverse frequency shift capacitance level switch for detecting interfaces, solids, liquids, toxic and aggressive chemicals in critical conditions of high temperature and pressure.

Active-Shield technology ensures that measurement is unaffected by vapours, product deposits, dust and condensation. The unique mechanical probe design coupled with a high performance transmitter gives superior performance in a wide range of level detection applications.

Pointek CLS500’s microprocessor-based electronics provide one-point calibration, making setup possible without shutting down your production process.


Key Applications: foam or liquid/foam level, glycol regenerators, high-pressure coalescers, LNG applications



 1m (40 inch)

 Process Temperature

 -60 to 400 °C (-76 ... 752 °F)

 Process Pressure

 Up to 150 bar g (2175 psi g)


  • Active-Shield technology so measurement is unaffected by material buildup in active shield section

  • 2-wire loop powered with solid-state switch or 4 to 20/20 to 4 mA output

  • Simple push-button calibration and integrated local display

  • Full function diagnostics

  • HART communications for remote commissioning and inspection