Software for SIMATIC S7-200 controllers

Engineering Software STEP 7-Micro/WIN

The STEP 7-Micro/WIN programming software features time-saving and powerful tools – and that means great cost savingsin your day-to-day work. Operation of the programming software is the same as standard Windows applications. Micro/WIN contains all the necessary tools for programming the entire S7-200 range of controllers. You have the powerful SIMATIC instruction set at your disposal and you can program in accordance with IEC 1131. A host of functions such as Trend Charts and wizards make programming even easier.

STEP 7 Micro/WIN is also used for configuring the text displays inside Micro Panel product range.

HMI-Software WinCC flexible Micro

WinCC flexible Micro is the affordable engineering package specifically designed for configuring operator control panels related to the SIMATIC S7-200: OP 73micro and TP 177micro. Here are the highlights: simple and fast configuration with a user-friendly interface, pre-engineered graphic objects and intelligent tools, as well as multilingual capability. The download requires the S7-200 PC/PPI cable. It's just as easy to use the Compact, Standard or Advanced versions of WinCC flexible.

Communication Software PC Access

S7-200 PC Access is the OPC server for S7-200 target systems. It supports the cost-effective and progressive processing and visualization of data from the SIMATIC S7-200 automation system with standard Windows applications such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Excel. S7-200 PC Access is certified by the OPC foundation for use with all OPC standard clients.
As an OPC server, the tool provides the capability of reading and writing S7-200 data with any OPC client. As an OPC client, it can be used with HMI software packages. An interface for visualizing up to 8 connections supports time- and cost-saving configuration, programming and monitoring via PC Access.
Fast access is also provided by different expansion modules. The CP 243-1 IT Internet module simply and comprehensively links the PLC to different computers via FTP. The CP 243-1 Ethernet module supports fast access to S7-200 data for storage and processing. And the configuration support of STEP7-Micro/WIN ensures simple commissioning and convenient diagnostics.