SIMATIC S7-200 Function modules


SIMATIC S7-200 has a consistently modular design. In addition to expansion and communication modules, the modular system provides a range of specific expansions for positioning., weighing technology and  temperature measurement.

Positioning Module EM 253

Positioning Module EM 253

The  EM 253 is a function module for simple positioning tasks (1 axis). It can be connected to stepper motors and servo motors from the Micro Stepper to the high-performance servo drive via a high-frequency pulse input.

The EM 253 positioning module is mounted in the same manner as an expansion module and connected to the S7-200 expansion bus via the integrated connection cable.

The configuration data are read out of the CPU automatically on connection

The module has the following features:

  • 5 digital inputs for signals from the process

  • 24 pulse outputs for direct activation of the drive (forwards/backwards or speed/direction)

  • 2 control outputs (DIS; CLR).

  • 12 status LEDs

Weighing Module SIWAREX MS

Weighing Module SIWAREX MS

SIWAREX MS is a versatile weighing module for all simple weighing and force measuring tasks. The compact module is easy to install in the SIMATIC S7-200 automation systems The data for the actual weight can be accessed directly in the SIMATIC CPU without the need for any additional interfaces.

  • Measurement of weight or force with a high resolution of 65000 parts and an accuracy of 0.05 %

  • Simple adjustment of the scale using the SIWATOOL MS PC program via the RS 232 interface

  • Supports replacement of module without renewed adjustment of scale

  • For use in Ex zone 2, intrinsically-safe load cell powering for zone 1 over Ex interface

Thermocouple Module EM 231 (Analog Module)

Thermocouple Module EM 231 TC

The thermocouple module EM 231 is a highly accurate temperature sensor using standard thermocouples. Low-level analog signals in the range of ±80 mV can also be detected. The thermocouple module EM 231 can be used with CPU 222, 224 and 226.

  • 4 or 8 analog inputs

  • Different measuring ranges: Type J, K, T, E, R, S and N thermocouples; ±80 mV analog signal acquisition

  • Check for open lines

  • Compensation of the cold connection point

  • Temperature scaling: The measured temperature can be specified in °C or °F.

Thermoresistor Module EM 231 RTD (Analog Module)

Thermoresistor Module EM 231 RTD

The thermoresistor modules EM 231 are a highly accurate temperature sensor using standard resistance temperature detectors. They can be used with CPU 222, 224 and 226.
The thermoresistor module should be installed in locations with low fluctuations in temperature to ensure the highest accuracy and repeatability.

  • Two or four analog inputs for temperature detectors

  • All resistance temperature detectors must be the same type

  • Installation directly to the wall or on DIN Rail