S7-1500 Communication Modules


Interfaces for communication via PROFINET and in part PROFIBUS DP as well already integrated. Communication modules increase the communication capabilities of the S7-1500 through additional communication functions or more interfaces.

Highlights and customer benefits

Communication modules enhance flexibility and performance of automation solutions using the SIMATIC S7-1500.

Additional interfaces enable realization of complex automation structures or process optimization through connection to the enterprise management level. Serial interfaces can be used to connect e.g. barcode or RFID readers for non-contact data transmission.

CM PtP: Serial communication via point-to-point connection

Four communication modules are available for connecting automation components via serial interfaces.

  • Connection of legacy and external systems possible

  • Connection of data readers or special sensors

  • Can be used centrally and in decentralized ET 200MP peripheral system

  • Variety of physical interfaces, e.g. RS232 and RS422 or RS485

  • Predefined protocols, e.g. 3964(R), Modbus RTU or USS

  • Application-specific protocols based on Freeport (ASCII)

  • Uniform programming interface for all modules

  • Diagnostics alarm for simple fault remediation

CP 1543-1

CP 1543-1: Industrial Ethernet connection with security functionality

With high-performance communication functions, the CP 1543-1 communication module opens up additional areas of use for the S7-1500.

  • Secure connection to Industrial Ethernet via Stateful Inspection Firewall in addition to CPU password protection

  • Configurable access rights for local and remote access

  • Simple alarms via email and transmission of production data to control computer via FTP(S) file transfer

  • Flexible integration in IPv6-based infrastructure

  • Possibility of segmentation for constructing identical machines with the same IP addresses

  • Overall project planning – including security functionality – integrated in TIA portal


CM 1542-5: High-performance PROFIBUS module

The CM 1542-5 supports the functions PROFIBUS DP-Master and PROFIBUS DP-Slave according to international standard IEC 61158/61784. This module enables connection of PROFIBUS devices to S7-1500 controllers that do not have a PROFIBUS interface on the CPU

  • Simple expansion of the system using additional PROFIBUS strands

  • Separation of PROFIBUS subnets for separate automation tasks possible

  • Enhanced system performance by relieving the S7-1500 CPU of communication tasks

  • Connection of PROFIBUS slaves from external vendors

  • Cost-effective module replacement through network separation in the event of a failure

  • Project planning integrated in TIA Portal V12