LOGO! Text Display


The LOGO! TD provides an affordable interface for equipment builders and their customers, even for simple switching systems.
Adjustments and troubleshooting alarms are easily handled using the LOGO! TD with built-in operator functions and diagnostics. The expansion and communications modules, as well as programs from earlier LOGO! generations are compatible when upgrading to new Basic or Pure logic module to be able to utilize the LOGO! TD.


  • Controllable backlight and multi-language character sets

  • Supports 12 or 16 standard characters per line depending on selected character set

  • Display of up to 50 messages on either the on-board LCD or external TD or both

  • Switch between 2 screens or scroll up to 32 characters on any or all lines for each message

  • Display of up to 4 bar graphs and 4 I/O statuses per message and per character set

  • Password protection of RUN/STOP options on the TD

Design and functions

Simple connection of the LOGO! TD text display
Simple connection of the LOGO! TD text display

Truly Remote Text Display

You can now optionally connect an additional text display to any of the new LOGO! controllers without needing a dedicated communications module. Highlighting its ease of implementation:
the same message text function block is used for either internal or external display where the message texts can also be selectively output to either or both. For example, you can output messages relevant to operation on the text display and service information only in the switching cabinet.
The backlight of both displays is controllable from the program and can also be set for continuous operation.

Expanded Functionality
The new LOGO! offers maximum visualisation with up to 50 four-line message texts with up to 32 characters per line, clearly displaying all relevant machine parameters on either or both the built-in LCD or remote LOGO! TD.
‘Ticker-text’, bar graph or I/O signal status enhance this further.

Technical Data

  • shipped with interface cable for connection to any Base Module 0BA6 or higher

  • polarity independent power supply for 12 V DC or 24 V AC/DC

  • contrast and backlight control

  • identical display as a Base Module ‘Basic’ variant or independent message text displays

  • IP65 when correctly panel-mounted

  • 6 tactile input buttons identical to the Base Module ‘Basic’ variant

  • 4 additional Function keys for inputs directly into the program code

  • easily configured with the message text function block in the program code

  • supports the same 10 menu languages and associated character sets as the ‘Basic’
    Base Module

LOGO! TD Text Display

Supply voltage

12 V DC , 24 V AC/DC

Permissible range

10.2 to 28.8 V DC or 20.4 to 26.4 V AC (47 to 63 Hz)


6 standard keys, 4 function keys (tactile surface buttons)


61 x 33 mm, white controllable backlight, adjustable contrast

Lines / Characters

4 lines, 12/16 characters per line
(depending on selected character set)

Connecting cable length

2.5 m (extend up to 10 m with standard ‘straight-through‘
9-pin serial cable)

Power consumption
at 24 V DC

typ. 65 mA (12 V DC), typ. 40 mA (24 V DC),
typ. 90 mA (24 V AC)

Cut-out dimensions
(W x H x D)

119.5 x 78.5 x 1.5 – 4.0 mm for panel mounting
(128.2 x 86 x 38.7 overall)


IP 20, Front IP65 (4X/12)