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LOGO! Software – simply professional

LOGO! Soft Comfort – stands for sensationally easy and quick configuration.
This allows the creation of ladder and function block diagrams by selecting the
respective functions and their connection via drag & drop.
In addition, the entire switching program can be simulated and tested offline on the PC.
Also possible: an online test in both program displays during operation.

Last but not least, LOGO! Soft Comfort provides professional documentation with all of the necessary project information such as switching programs, comments, and parameter settings.


Together with the LOGO! Soft Comfort software, configuring of the logic module is simply intuitive: program generation, project simulation and documentation are accomplished using drag and drop functionality, allowing maximum ease of operation.

Design and functions

The LOGO! Soft Comfort software does it all – generating and testing control programs, simulating all functions and of course documentation is sensationally easy with LOGO! Soft Comfort using drag & drop on your PC. This is how it is done:

Creating control programs

  • Select function and position onthe drawing surface

  • Link selected functions by means of connecting lines

  • Set function parameters using clear dialog window

Commissioning with LOGO!

  • Simulation of the entire switching process using all functions on the PC

  • Analog signals can be simulated with real values (e. g. temperature – 20 ºC to + 80 ºC)

  • Time-controlled/cyclic simulation 

  • Simulation of clock time

  • Pop-up window of the LOGO! display in the simulation

  • Status display of all functions, parameters and current values

  • Online test with display of statuses and current values of LOGO! in RUN mode now in functionblock and ladder diagram representations

The documentation

Each function can be provided with additional comments

  • Each function can be provided with additional comments

  • Additional assignment of names possible for inputs and outputs

  • Any positioning and formatting of free text

  • Clear representation of control program across several pages

  • Professional printout with all necessary configuration information

  • Separate printout of parameters and interface names possible

  • Integration into standard Windows applications by storing as .pdf or .jpg file

LOGO! Software

More functions for LOGO! 0BA7

With the current version of LOGO! Soft Comfort, you can, of course, easily configure all of the new LOGO! hardware and firmware functions. The following five function blocks have been added:

  • Astronomical time switch

  • Min./Max. function

  • Mean value generation

  • Analog filter

  • Stop watch

More functions for LOGO! 0BA7

Creating macro blocks with library function

Recurring parts of programs can be saved separately as complete blocks and used in other programs. You can build up your own block library from regularly used partial applications and quickly and easily integrate them into new projects. This speeds up testing and programming.

Data logging

Data from the production process can be saved in the internal memory of the LOGO! or on a standard SD card in order to either read it with a PC or evaluate it from the SD card at the workstation.


A real highlight of the LOGO! 0BA7 generation are the different communication modes:

  • Communication between LOGO! and LOGO! – the second LOGO! functions as an I/O expansion without its own program.

  • Communication between LOGO! and LOGO! – the second LOGO! executes its own program and exchanges some data with the other one.

  • Communication between LOGO! and SIMATIC S7 CPUs or Panels, which provide S7 communication via Ethernet.

All functions the overview:

All functions overview