SIPLUS S7-1500 is the latest generation of controllers to appear in the TIA Portal. In addition to being powerful, especially durable and extremely user-friendly, the SIPLUS S7-1500 also sets new standards for maximizing productivity. Thanks to its refined modules, it not only masters all requirements for the smallest series machines up to complex plant solutions, it can also withstand harsh industrial environments subject to extended temperature ranges and/or corrosive atmospheres, for example. SIPLUS S7-1500 is the ultimate plus for your automation tasks under extreme conditions.

Tougher than the Standard

Individually adapted products, systems and solutions for any aspect in automation and drive engineering, for a reliable operation under difficult to extreme conditions.

Depending on the application, for example, we prepare the devices for:

  • Ambient temperatures from -40°C to +70°C

  • Condensation, increased humidity, increased degree of protection (dust, water)

  • Extraordinary medial load e.g. pollution gas atmosphere

  • Increased mechanical load

  • Electronic equipment used on rolling stock (European Standard EN 50155, Railway applications)

  • Various voltage ranges that differ from the standard ranges

  • Sector-specific solutions

We provide highest operational safety based upon DF standard devices.