Process Device Network View:
This is the typical view for stand-alone operation of SIMATIC PDM. Here, you configure the hierarchical structure of networks and communication components all the way to the process devices. You can apply the network structure and the determined field devices from the LifeList in this view.
Hardware Project View (integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 / SIMATIC S7):
Process devices are configured and assigned parameters in STEP 7 / SIMATIC PCS 7 in the hardware configurator (HWConfig). The representation is graphic or in table form.
Process Device Plant View:
The devices configured in HWConfig or in the Process Device Network View are automatically adopted in the Process Device Plant View and displayed in table form with a lot of additional information.

LifeList View:
This view is used for identification/diagnostics as well as online parameter assignment of the process devices.

With integrated LifeList, SIMATIC PDM offers comprehensive identification, diagnostic and parameter assignment functions:

  • Scanning of PROFIBUS networks with or without diagnostics of the connected field devices
    Handheld functionality for HART field devices

  • Parameter assignment of field devices from the LifeList

  • Export of LifeList to projects (stand-alone version)

  • Diagnostics of connected field devices with symbolic representation of the diagnostic status

  • Display of address and TAG names

  • Device status including detail diagnostics

  • Manufacturer and device type

  • Hardware and software product version

  • Additional information

Parameter View:
Here, you can display, modify and save the parameters of a selected process device. Communication to the device is also established in this view. The parameter view is started with a double-click on a process device in one of the other views.