SIMATIC PDM supports several communication protocols and components for communication with connected devices:

Devices with PROFIBUS DP interface
For example, SIMOCODE DP motor starter or Remote I/O SIMATIC ET 200iS: these devices are directly connected to PROFIBUS DP.
Devices with PROFIBUS PA interface
For example SITRANS P transmitter: connection of PROFIBUS PA devices supported by SIMATIC PDM to the PROFIBUS DP via:
– DP/PA Link as modular gateway with decoupling of both networks or
– DP/PA coupler as direct, transparent gateway
Devices with HART interface
For example SITRANS TK-H temperature transmitter: These devices can be connected in different ways:

  • via PROFIBUS Remote I/O SIMATIC ET 200M or ET 200iSP with HART analog input and output modules

  • via PROFIBUS Remote I/O according to the specification of the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International organization (PI)

  • via a HART modem with which a point-to-point connection between the PC or engineering station and the HART device can be established

  • via a HART Multiplexer that forwards the frames transparently to the HART devices

  • via wireless HART gateways that forward the frames transparently to the HART devices