Greater flexibility for updates of block libraries: As of Version 8.1, different version states of block libraries are supported on automation systems. In this way, we are giving you greater freedom in the maintenance of plants, because you are now no longer restricted by the requirement that all controllers assigned to one server must have the same library version status. This means that step-by-step updating of automation systems is possible without any plant standstills.

The new version also offers numerous advantages for OS engineering and in operation: Shorter configuration times, among other things, are promised by the multi-user functionality of the OS engineering which, for example, supports parallel processing on operating screens. The scalability of block icons makes adaptations to monitor resolution and screen size possible without time-consuming manual modifications. In addition, color schemes for block libraries can be edited and managed centrally.

The reductions in screen selection times make operation more convenient and improve the attentiveness of plant operators. Even the largest and most detailed operating screens with numerous variables are now refreshed considerably faster, contributing to a smoother workflow and greater safety.