The SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed I/O system is a scalable and extremely flexible distributed I/O system for the connection of the process signals to an automation system via PROFINET. SIMATIC ET 200SP is mounted onto a rail and basically consists of:

  • an interface module that communicates with all controllers that behave in accordance with the PROFINET standard IEC 61158.

  • up to 64 distributed I/O modules that are plugged in any combination into passive BaseUnits.

  • a server module that completes the construction of the SIMATIC ET 200SP.

SIMATIC ET 200SP is consistently optimized in terms of practicality. For example, the new terminal assignment of the system noticeably simplifies the wiring and also the releasing of cables. The push-in terminal technology facilitates wiring of the SIMATIC ET 200SP without the need for tools.

The distributed I/O system is particularly easy to use and, with its compact design, ensures maximum economy in the control cabinet. SIMATIC ET 200SP communicates via PROFINET.