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The actuator sensor interface (AS-Interface or AS-i for short) is the simplest type of industrial networking. The manufacturer-independent system is suitable for the simple, usually binary networking of actuator and sensors at the lowest field level. It is particularly suitable for the communication between an industrial controller and the distributed actuators and sensors. The AS-Interface enables you to replace a parallel-wired cable harness with a simple two-wire line common to all sensors and actuators. In terms of the topology, there are practically no restrictions: In addition to tree structures, star and ring topologies can also be implemented, and a new segment can be inserted at each bus location.

The AS-Interface operates according to the master/slave principle. The AS-i master module (DP/AS-i Link Advanced, CP 343-2 or CP 343-2P) controls the slaves (sensors/actuators) connected per AS-i cable. Up to 62 AS-Interface slaves can be operated on an AS-Interface master module.