With over 47 million installed devices, PROFIBUS DP is the most widely used field bus in the production and process industry. Based on the RS 485 serial communication, the adaptation to Ethernet is regarded as timely. PROFINET represents the consistent implementation and further development of PROFIBUS toward Ethernet. With more than 7.6 million devices currently installed worldwide, PROFINET is already the leading Industrial Ethernet standard for automation. PROFINET is based on the international standards IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 and combines the advantages of the open network standard, Ethernet, and the PROFIBUS fieldbus system. By using PROFINET, you can enhance the flexibility, efficiency and performance of your network communication: It stands for maximum transparency, open IT communication, network security and real-time communication down to the field level. The concept is modular in structure – you decide on the scope of functionality and on the type and speed of data exchange.

Further plus points:

  • With the PROFIsafe profile, it supports safety-related communication between the automation system and process I/O.

  • In addition, PROFIenergy provides the foundation for energy saving and efficiency.

This makes PROFINET the ideal basis for a uniform automation network in your plant, into which existing field buses implemented with PROFIBUS can be easily integrated.