The automation system AS 410 is the preferred system for new plants with SIMATIC PCS 7. Through the use of the innovative CPU 410-5H Process Automation the AS 410 covers the entire performance range of conventional SIMATIC S7-400 automation systems from AS 412 to AS 417.

The automation system is shipped out as high-end model in terms of memory and computing power.
Performance is scaled individually according to task, with the help of the system expansion card (SEC). The number of SIMATIC PCS 7 process objects (PO) determines the required scope of performance. This ranges from 100 POs to unlimited, whereby the limiting factor of the CPU is that it is designed for up to 2600 POs.

The rugged SIMATIC PCS 7 controller is especially designed for around-the-clock industrial use. It satisfies high temperature, vibration, shock and EMC requirements, and its PCBs and electronic parts have an extra coating.
Distributed I/O can be integrated into a PROFIBUS DP segment either directly or via a subordinate fieldbus (PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1). Thanks to the integrated PROFINET I/O interface, they can be easily and effectively networked with remote I/O stations, such as with ET 200M remote I/O stations.

Further features:

  • Integrated 48 MByte load memory and 16 MByte working memory each for programmes and data

  • Cycle time up to 10 ms/9 process tasks

  • Total number of I/Os (on PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO) approx. 7500 (16 KByte each for inputs and outputs)

  • Additional coating to protect the PCB (conformal coating)

  • High-precision time stamping

  • Recessed RESET button

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