The Advanced Process Library (APL) is the standard library of SIMATIC PCS 7 for performing automation and process control tasks. It is based on many years of experience of configuration engineers and plant operators and takes into consideration current NAMUR recommendations and PNO specifications.

The functions of the APL can be basically categorized as follows:

  • Channel blocks for standard signals (e.g., Analog In, Analog Out, Digital In, Digital Out) and for fieldbus signals

  • Blocks for integrating drives and motor management starters (e.g., SIMOCODE or SINAMICS)

  • Technological function blocks such as motors, valves, measured values, controllers, operator control blocks, counters, interlocks, etc.

  • Advanced closed-loop control functions – Advanced Process Control (APC) such as Gain Scheduler, PID Tuner, Smith Predictor, or Model Predictive Controls

  • Maintenance blocks for alarm suppression and maintenance alarms

  • System blocks such as for manipulated variable/coefficient calculation or conversion blocks

  • Logic blocks (analog, binary, mathematical functions)

  • Block icons and faceplates for visualization and for operator control and monitoring

The function blocks allow easy and fast engineering. The signal status is thereby consistently tracked together with the value of a signal. Information about the quality of the represented value is available at any time via displays on the operator station. The faceplates are adapted to the requirements of the operating personnel, which not only enables optimum process operation but also a good overview of the plant status. With these user-oriented APC functions, demanding APC applications can be implemented easily and cost-effectively in small and medium-sized plants.

New in Version 8.2

Process tag browser

Process plants often have hundreds, if not thousands, of measuring points. The process tag browser is perfect for targeted searches for specific measuring points and the associated plant information. It displays a list of all measuring points of one or more plant areas for which the user is authorized. The list can be sorted and filtered. For example this allows users to find all process tags with the condition "Maintenance required". The results can be printed out or saved. This additional overview makes systematic plant optimizations easy: One can jump straight from the results to the corresponding control panel.

New in Version 8.2

Trend curves

To considerably reduce the load on users, it is possible to simply group together individual process tags directly from the process screens of SIMATIC PCS 7. Often, users like to have a concurrent overview of multiple measuring points that are especially important for certain standard scenarios. With the grouping option this is easy to accomplish. This function is very helpful particularly when plants/plant sections are started up, because all steps can be monitored together on one single screen. Besides that, it is also possible to execute operations directly in the group view, so the operator can quickly intervene in processes.