Cost and time savings through:

  • Reduction of installation work due to a more efficient workflow

  • Significant reduction of the administrative work due to centralized management of software versions on all PC stations of a PCS 7 plant

Simple and reliable use due to:

  • Clear and self-explanatory representation of the action states of the various PC stations within a PCS 7 plant

  • No unintentional adverse effects to productive operation thanks to upstream security mechanisms

  • Secure communication with encryption and access protection through the use of Windows security mechanisms

Transparency and always current "as built" documentation:

  • Fast analysis of the installed components

  • Easier planning for plant updates/upgrades

  • Long-term support for plant life cycle services

  • Easy analysis of configurations and compatibility

  • Central monitoring of the security status (patches)

Flexible and scalable design according to the plant size:

  • Small to medium-sized plants
    Installation and operation on the PCS 7 engineering system
    Economic and effective solution
    according to the duties in the "personnel union"

  • Large to very large plants
    Installation and operation on a separate workstation
    Typical solution for medium-sized and large PCS 7 plants
    according to the duties of the various users

  • Plant network
    A central Management Console for multiple plants
    according to the duties of the various users
    Administration of multiple PCS 7 plants from a central location/department