Integrated Engineering with COMOS and SIMATIC PCS 7

Integrated planning – from plant engineering through to automation – based on single electronic workflow

To counter the increasingly intense global competition in industry, along with the enormous cost and time pressures, it is becoming more and more important to perform different tasks efficiently at the same time while reducing costs as well as saving resources.

“Integrated Engineering” describes the interaction of all tools and components needed, i.e. plant management, process control system as well as device design and configuration.


The aim is a Digital Plant. With COMOS and SIMATIC PCS 7 Siemens offers an integrated engineering with central data management for plant engineers and operators.

COMOS unites all the disciplines involved in a plant project in one central database and ensures that there is an information flow without inconsistencies or data loss. Thanks to the object-oriented data management, correct and up-to-date information is available to any user at any time.

SIMATIC PCS 7 is based on tried-and-tested standard automation components and thus provides maximum availability and reliability as standard. Due to the seamless inclusion in Totally Integrated Automation, you benefit from a complete range of optimally coordinated system components for the integrated automation of the entire production process.

The use of both engineering solutions guarantees efficient and holistic plant management throughout the entire lifecycle of an industrial plant. This makes it possible to reduce the time to market, to save costs and to improve quality.

Parallel workflows through integration of engineering and tools.