COMOS Generation 10 Videos

COMOS Engineering

The new COMOS Enterprise Platform: As an EPC you benefit from COMOS generation 10 through rationalization of your engineering processes. Have a look on our customers´ successes through integrated engineering with COMOS – already today.

COMOS Operations

The new software generation COMOS 10: As a plant operator you benefit from increased productivity and quality. Read more about our customers´ successes through holistic plant management with COMOS – already today

Continuous plant management with COMOS

With its unified data platform the integrated software solution COMOS provides plant design engineers, plant operating personnel, company management, and solution partners with a continuous flow of data that meet their specific needs across all project phases.

Highest flexibility with portable devices

The significance of portable terminal devices
has grown increasingly for efficient plant
management. Your mobility and flexibility
are ensured with the new COMOS App. The
Internet-based solution enables designers
and operators to access information anywhere
at any time.

COMOS for pharmaceutical industry

The sector-specific pharmaceutical solution which is, for example, allowing to qualify entire plants throughout all planning and operating phases is an integrated part of generation 10.