Intelligent and extensive diagnostics – local and remote

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor diagnostic and signaling software is the perfect tool for a fast detection and efficient prevention of potential plant failures. It facilitates an early minimization of downtimes and reduces resulting costs by means of preventive measures.

Functions of the SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor software:

Highlights overview

  • Central system diagnostics of all networked SIMATIC IPCs

  • Monitoring of diagnostics bits of SIMATIC IPC CompactFlash cards that can be diagnosed

  • Simple communication with SIMATIC software, e.g. WinCC flexible visualization software

  • Individually configurable actions on occurrence of fault, e.g.:
    - Running of programs, e.g. calling of Storage Manager in event of RAID error
    - Restart for controlled computer shutdown and restart

  • Silent installation of software via command line, e.g. via batch file. No additional input required.

  • Good clarity and user-friendliness thanks to GUI in Windows Explorer design

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor enables the central system diagnostics of all networked SIMATIC IPCs:

Monitoring functions

  • Temperature, e.g. processor, main board, chipset

  • Device fan, battery

  • State and functionality of hard disks (also RAID) and CompactFlash cards

  • Watchdog – program sequence

  • Hours meter

The hours meter does not only allow for the setting of maintenance intervals for your SIMATIC IPC, but also for further devices installed in your plant. This assures a timely information on pending preventive maintenance measures, e.g. replacement of the industrial PC’s CMOS battery or filter replacement of the pumps.

Signaling alarm and visualization functions

  • Signaling of all critical states of the monitored components

  • Alarms locally via Alarm-Manager

  • Alarms via LAN, SMS and/or e-mail to the person to be alerted and via OPC / SNMP to the user software

  • Visualization locally on the monitor and/or diagnostic LEDs and via LAN or webserver

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor automatically signals critical system statuses. For example, the servicing personnel are informed by means of an alarm per text message that the voltage of the CMOS is low and the battery must be replaced.

Activation and logging functions

  • Reboot (Reset) activation

  • Restart execution for controlled shuttingdown and restarting of PC

  • Automatic program execution (batch / executable files)

  • Event logging via standard windows mechanism (event viewer) and log file

  • Graphical evaluation of the recorded data via Data Analyzer

Using the recording option in the Window Event Viewer and the graphical reproduction/ analysis option of the Data Analyzer, the operating data of the SIMATIC IPC can be documented, evaluated and archived for the system’s / machine’s quality assurance.

Web server / Business card

With the DiagMonitor webserver, users can view and manage the data of the stations monitored by the SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor via a browser in http or https, independent of the operating system. The set-up and management of access rights to the monitored data can be customized for the user.

The Web business card provides information on the SIMATIC IPC. The following are displayed:

  • Device data, e.g. product identification, BIOS version, mainboard number

  • System status (fault yes/no)

The user is thus provided with important information on the system status, and can display e.g. the current status of the BIOS version.

Security information

To ensure the secure operation of a plant or machine it is also necessary to take suitable preventive action (e.g. cell protection concept) and to integrate the automation and drive components into a state-of-the-art holistic industrial security concept for the entire plant or machine. Any third-party products that may be in use must also be taken into account. Please find further information at: