Expansion components and accessories

For applications with individual system availability requirements, we offer a matched range of optional expansion components for SIMATIC IPC. This enables you to detect potential failures early and to effectively minimize actual downtimes. In addition, you can ensure the reliability of your automation solution through SIMATIC IPC original accessories.

SIMATIC IPC (Service) USB FlashDrive

With the 16 GB SIMATIC IPC USB-FlashDrive (USB 3.0) you always have your current IPC images, projects, user data, recipes and licenses with you.

SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator

With the SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator, you reduce downtimes and increase the productivity of your SIMATIC IPCs using easy preventive data backup and efficient partition management.


SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor diagnostics and alarm software is the perfect support for fast detection and efficient prevention of system failure.

SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager

SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager can be used to implement central service concepts in which SIMATIC IPCs can be remotely accessed by means of Intel Active Management technology functions (Intel AMT).

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

The rugged SIMATIC IPC power supply units back up voltage dips for up to 20 ms (in accordance with NAMUR requirements). SITOP DC UPS 24 V is available for extended power outages as well as for customized built-in UPS.

SIMATIC IPC Keyboards / Mouse

These original accessories are system-tested with SIMATIC IPCs as well as SIMATIC programming devices and meet the high quality requirements with regard to EMI resistance and functional deployment in industrial environments.

Touch Stylus, Protective and Labeling Foils

Further accessories such as touch pen, labeling films and protective films can be ordered directly via the configurator.

SIMATIC IPC Support Package for VxWorks

The SIMATIC IPC Support Package for Wind River® VxWorks® allows you to quickly and easily realize automation tasks with high real-time demands on high-performance SIMATIC IPC hardware.