SIMATIC IT Unilab is a multi-lab, multi-language enterprise LIMS for QC, service and R&D labs. It coordinates all quality operations at HQ and plant level.

It has a modular functional architecture and integrates with most enterprise and plant systems, including ERP, PLM, MES.

SIMATIC IT Unilab supports compliance with major quality standards such as GLP, GAMP, ISO 9001:2000, ISA 17025 and 21 CFR Part 11 with full audit trail, electronic signatures and access control.

SIMATIC IT Unilab collects and manages all quality data in a central database and configures quality workflows and analyses in the lab and on the production line. This includes automatic validation and alarm handling for management by exception.

The standard templates fit most lab requirements (sample types, information fields, specifications, methods, equipment, workflows, layouts, reports, …)

SIMATIC IT Unilab includes modules for stability testing, instrument connection, equipment management, personnel qualification management, barcoding, user management, cost calculation, and reporting.

It is web-enabled for 24/7 secure on-line exchange of quality data with remote labs, mobile employees, and all supply chain partners.

Main Benefits

  • Efficient quality through workflow management and data availability

  • Cost advantage through process improvements and reduced scrap

  • Regulatory compliance through audit trail and flexible reporting

  • Brand value through consistent quality and environmental responsibility

  • Secure ROI through modular approach and templates for quick implementation

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