SIMATIC IT Production Suite

Siemens MES SIMATIC IT Production Suite is a plant-centric IT solution covering all manufacturing needs. It fills the gap between Business Systems (e.g. ERP) and Control Systems, creating the conditions for an increase in efficiency at the plant and within the supply chain operations.

The Issue

To meet demand and secure profitability in the increasingly dynamic and competitive markets, manufacturers need agile supply chains, synchronized production operations and real-time plant visibility.

Because the manufacturing area is where decisions mostly affect profitability companies should integrate production metrics into business performance metrics to be able to adapt and respond to changes, increase efficiency, reduce costs of operations, and improve customer satisfaction.

This asks for an integrated IT infrastructure that controls all manufacturing elements, material, equipment, personnel, specifications and procedures and integrates with business and operation systems.

The Solution

SIMATIC IT Production Suite combines a business process modeler with a collection of highly-integrated components.

It handles production management and execution, coordinates the systems within factories, standardizes production across the entire enterprise, keeps manufacturing processes aligned with supply chain activities, and closes the gap between Business Systems (e.g. ERP) and Control Systems.

SIMATIC IT Production Modeler defines and visualizes the plant model with rules to trigger production operations.

The SIMATIC IT components offer MES functionality according to the ISA-95 international MES standard.

They cover product definition management, production order management, material management, plant performance analysis, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) calculation, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), reporting, scheduling, Laboratory Information Management (LIMS), quality assurance, and product specification management.

The Benefits

SIMATIC IT Production Suite fills the gap between Business Logistic Systems (typically, ERPs) and Con-trol Systems, providing the conditions for increasing overall supply-chain efficiency. The unique approach of SIMATIC IT allows manufacturing systems to have a wide flexibility that gives users the possibility to easily adapt and modify the business process to new requirements and business drivers.

  • SIMATIC IT Production Suite allows manufacturers to model their own business to be more customer- oriented and ready to satisfy any on-the-fly requirements from the market

  • SIMATIC IT Production Suite has also been de-signed to facilitate application roll-out to several plants, thus being extremely cost-effective in multi-site contexts

  • SIMATIC IT Production Suite helps users to comply with existing regulations effectively

SIMATIC IT Production Suite 7.0 - New product version

Siemens DER SIMATIC IT releases new version of SIMATIC IT Production Suite, the core of SIMATIC IT.
The new version of SIT Production Suite has been improved with the following technological modernization:

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2

  • Infragistics 2014

  • Microsoft Office 2013

  • IBM WebSphere MQSeries 8.0

  • DIS SAP Netweaver connector

This new release allows to apply further technological innovation on top of today SIMATIC IT solutions, for large and medium size companies.