SIMATIC IT for Integrated Quality

Consistent product quality and safety, and compliance largely contribute to a company’s brand value.

SIMATIC IT for Integrated Quality is a set of dedicated functionality to integrate quality into production. This ensures product integrity and enhances manufacturing efficiency:

  • ERP interoperability

  • Material management

  • Plant performance analysis

  • Order management

  • Automatic and manual process and quality data acquisition and storage

  • Genealogy, audit trail, electronic signatures

  • Time or event-based quality planning modeled into production operations

  • At-line testing - HACCP plan

  • Alarm notification and real-time corrective action management

  • Statistical process control

  • Defect management

  • Electronic Work instructions

  • LIMS for off-line quality testing

SIMATIC IT for Integrated Quality Benefits

  • Secure brand reputation and customer loyalty

  • Avoid scrap and rework or costly recalls

  • Cost-efficient quality and regulatory compliance

  • Faster time-to-market

  • Operational improvements

  • Improved customer service

  • Responsiveness to all supply chain partners

08/21/2009 | Author: Name