Optimum expansion for SINUMERIK Operate

SINUMERIK Operate can be optimally expanded with SINUMERIK Integrate:

In the engineering

SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering offers machine manufacturers tools to expand the standard SINUMERIK functionality to address customer-specific requirements.
Typical applications include:

  • Integrating existing software into the standard user interface, e.g. Microsoft Excel

  • Expanding standard user interfaces, e.g. adding individual or several operating screens or submenus

  • Configuring individual user interfaces, e.g. adding operating areas and user interfaces

  • Special kinematics are supported

  • Special compensations are possible

  • Robotics can be integrated

In production

SINUMERIK Integrate for Production offers production facilities interfaces and tools to integrate SINUMERIK into the production environment and to increase productivity in the production and service.

Typical applications in production include:

  • Providing transparency regarding waste in production

  • Minimizing waste: Optimizing tool inventories, optimally managing programs, quickly restoring data

Typical applications in service include:

  • Creating transparency about the status of machines

  • Facilitating secure remote access and maintenance

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