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MOTION-CONNECT - connection systems

Cables and Connections – Description

MOTION-CONNECT cables and connections are the ideal solution for all those who wish to use high-quality, system-tested power and signal cables on their machine.

Our solution is characterized by lots of highly convincing features, such as an EMC compatibility test of the complete system (controller, inverter, motor and cables), vibration resistance and all relevant functions.

MOTION-CONNECT cables provides state-of-the-art cables and connections (DRIVE-CLiQ, SPEED-CONNECT, ...) for your Motion Control systems.

Cables and Connections – Typical fields of application

Production machines and machining centers with permanently routed cables or cable drags

Cables and Connections – Overview of the product portfolio

MOTION-CONNECT cables are available as ready-to-connect preassembled power and signal cables as well as cables sold by the meter in the following qualities:


Proven, economic solution for reduced mechanical stress


For highly dynamic requirements also with longer traversing paths


Metallic rotary plug (M23, M17) with convenient, fast and failsafe locking and unlocking (quick-release lock)

DRIVE-CLiQ plug IP67

RJ45 plug or M17/M12 suitably for the application selectable

Cables and Connections – Benefits

MOTION-CONNECT stands for system responsibility in Motion Control applications:

  • Robust and user-friendly
    through the use of preassembled cables with robust IP67 plugs in metal housing and a user-friendly locking mechanism (SPEED-CONNECT)

  • Application-specific selection
    through simple selection criteria and application-oriented selection parameters tailored to individual applications

  • Superior quality and system responsibility
    due to consistent quality management and system-tested original components