Scalable runtime functionality through multi-layer software architecture


Functionality suitable for all machine engineering tasks

The SIMOTION Runtime System comprises a SIMOTION kernel with PLC functionality and a high-performance runtime system as well as technological functions which are stored in SIMOTION technology packages. In addition, various function libraries are available, for example, for the integration of intelligent I/O and communication modules.

Overview about the technology

SIMOTION kernel – basic functions

The basic functions of the SIMOTION devices are combined into the SIMOTION kernel. The SIMOTION kernel provides, for example, high-performance functions for the PLC functionality (acc. to IEC 61131-3) and a high-performance runtime system.

SIMOTION Technology packages

Each of this packages provides the complete functionality for the respective technology. For example, the Motion Control technology package comprises all functions which are required to perform precise positioning movements or cam disk synchronization using up to 3D path interpolation with transformations for various handling kinematics.

Function libraries

Function libraries extend the SIMOTION system functionality on the basis of standard functions. These include, for example, controller blocks or functions enabling the integration of special I/Os (e.g. integration of function modules FM and communication modules CP, POSMO A, ...).


The interaction of technology packages, function libraries and multi-layer runtime system architecture define the SIMOTION functionality:

  • Scalable
    Through different function levels Through software modules and technology packages providing comprehensive functions

  • Flexibele
    Through integrated, freely programmable PLC acc. to IEC 61131-3
    Through freely instantiable technology packages with comprehensive instruction set Through the possibility to operate servo, vector, stepper and hydraulic drives
    Through the possibility to combine different technology packages and function libraries

  • Extendable
    Through standard function library functions