Technology accessible via web


SIMOTION IT is a comprehensive function package which is used for diagnosing the machine condition, and for servicing and commisioning a machine, based on the integrated web server functions of the Motion Control System SIMOTION.

SIMOTION IT provides numerous possibilities to access the machine process data. The technician on site only requires an Ethernet cable and a computer with an installed web browser.

Typical fields of application

  • Convenient diagnosing on site
    The standard websites provide extensive diagnostic functions such as alarms and messages, individual variable tables and trace functions. Further, topical machine diagnostic data can be archived.

  • Remote maintenance
    The machine manufacturer can update the software of his machine using a standard web browser. By using an appropriately secure IT infrastructure, this can also be performed via remote maintenance.

  • Individual commissioning
    The customer can integrate websites which are tailored to his specific application using his own design – which is ideal for series machine commissioning.

  • Value-added functions parallel to automation
    The SIMOTION Virtual Machine allows the integration of the JAVA program code – independently of the RUN / STOP condition of the controller.

Overview about the technology

SIMOTION IT comprises three elements:


The integrated standard pages provide comprehensive commissioning and diagnostic tools. Further, you can create user-defined websites.


This HTTP-based communication mechanism allows symbolic read/write access to controller variables.

SIMOTION Virtual Machine

Runtime environment for JAVA programs which allows the parallel execution of individual JAVA applications. This is a powerful supplement to the standard SIMOTION Runtime automation program .


  • Fast diagnostics
    using the web technology without requiring a specific engineering tool and project

  • Higher machine availability
    through maintenance at any time, from any location

  • Flexible
    solutions due to individual JAVA applications in the integrated Virtual Machine

  • Security first
    thanks to multi-stage security mechanisms – for example, a role-based authorization concept and an encrypted HTTPS connection.