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OPC UA: consistent communication at all levels


As of Software Version 4.5, SIMOTION supports the standardized communication protocol for integrating different systems independently of the manufacturer and platform. This open interface enables access to all data of SIMOTION consistently throughout all automation levels - the basis of connection to Industry 4.0.

In this way, SIMOTION meets a central requirement of machine manufacturers and users for simple, standardized, and secure communication. This is always important in heterogeneous production environments, especially with increasing networking and data exchange.


The standardized OPC UA communications protocol is being implemented directly in a constantly growing number of automation components. For example, in HMI devices, controllers, and I&C systems with a wide variety of operating systems.

OPC UA thus enables efficient vertical data exchange with HMI, SCADA, MES, and ERP systems of different manufacturers, including cloud-based applications.

Moreover, other controllers or software with OPC UA client functionality can access data and variables of SIMOTION, i.e. horizontal communication is simple, too.

OPC UA uses state-of-the-art IT security mechanisms such as password protection for authentication and authorization and up to 256-bit encryption. OPC UA is defined by the OPC Foundation and is already acknowledged as the standard in automation.

OPC UA is not an alternative, but the perfect complement for deterministic PROFINET communication for real-time applications. Both protocols can be used on one cable without any performance loss and without restrictions.

With an OPC UA server included in the SIMOTION hardware, users are already prepared today for further digitization in the industrial environment on the way to Industry 4.0.


  • Openness
    Standardized interface with access to the data of SIMOTION. Seamless integration of SIMOTION into all plants.

  • Independent of manufacturer and platform
    Direct implementation in controllers, HMIs, and ERP systems under any operating system. Direct connection across all levels.

  • Integrated
    Connection at all levels of the automation pyramid, including cloud applications

  • Security
    Authentication, authorization, and encryption.

  • Perfect complement for PROFINET
    One cable for both protocols, which is relevant for interfacing with third-party equipment.