Drive Control Chart (DCC) option package


Drive Control Chart (DCC) means the graphic configuring and extension of the device functionality using freely available control, calculation and logic blocks. DCC provides a clearly structured display of control loop structures. The graphic editor for configuring open-loop and closed-loop control functions can be operated without programming knowledge.


DCC expands the possibility to conveniently configure technological functions both for the Motion Control System SIMOTION and for the drive system SINAMICS S120. The option package DCC SIMOTION comprises the licenses for DCC SIMOTION and DCC SINAMICS. Drive Control Chart for SINAMICS S120 is a convenient tool to solve drive-specific tasks directly on the converter.
Drive Control Chart for SIMOTION allows to program nearly all control loop structures. These structures can then be combined with other program sections into an overall program. This opens up the user a new dimension regarding the adaptability of the stated systems to the specific functions of his machine.
DCC is not limited with regard to the number of usable functions; this is only limited by the performance of the target platform.