CamTool option package


The SIMOTION CamTool is a powerful graphic editor for the creation and optimization of cam disks and supplements the cam disk editor CamEdit included in the SCOUT.

The SIMOTION CamTool can be used as an extension package for SIMOTION SCOUT and is fully integrated in the SCOUT interface.


The curve is graphically displayed accurately in an x-y diagram (master and following axes positions). Here, you enter the curve profile (first roughly) with individual elements such as fixed points, lines and interpolation points. Regarding the lines, you can use straight lines, sinus lines or arcus-sinus lines.
SIMOTION CamTool then automatically combines these individually elements into a continuous curve. The transitions between the individual curve sections are created as homogeneously as possible.
In order to optimize the curve, you can conveniently shift the defined curve sections using the mouse (“draw along the profile”). The curve profile is immediately adjusted according to your modifications. The curve can also be optimized according to the speed / velocity, acceleration or jerk. The underlying motion laws correspond to VDI 2143.
Further, the SIMOTION CamTool can display the speed / velocity, acceleration and jerk curves of the following axis via the master axis movement. The simultaneous display immediately shows the effect on the maximum speed / velocity, the motor torque required and the mechanical load.
Cam disks which have been created in CamEdit can be conveniently converted in SCOUT to the format for CamTool, resp. reconverted to the format for CamEdit.