Project generator SIMOTION easyProject


You can increase the efficiency when developing and commissioning your machines when using the project generator SIMOTION easyProject. SIMOTION easyProject is included in the free SIMOTION Utilities & Applications DVD, which is contained in the scope of supply of SIMOTION SCOUT.

SIMOTION easyProject allows to quickly and conveniently integrate basic functions, which are required in virtually all SIMOTION applications, as well as standard modules in an existing or new project. The requested components and functions are selected and configured using dialogs. Time-consuming programming is no longer required and a consistent and standardized project structure ensured, thus reducing the number of possible faults.

The project generator SIMOTION easyProject provides standard modules for basic, diagnostic, operating mode, communication as well as a multitude of sector-dependent technology functions.
Further, the structure of SIMOTION easyProject allows you to integrate your own blocks in this generic automated application generation workflow.

SIMOTION easyProject can be called up directly from SIMOTION SCOUT.
The project generator SIMOTION easyProject is currently not provided for SCOUT TIA (SIMOTION on TIA Portal).

Overview about the technology

Basic functions

Basic functionalities which can be used in virtually every SIMOTION application (e.g. Message Handling, Startup Check, Axis Function Block,...).

Technology functions

A multitude of technology functions, e.g. winder or cartoner, is provided.

Modular machine functions (equipment modules)

Project structuring via functional units and machine modules (equipment modules).


  • With a view clicks, you get a loadable and executable project
    through conveniently selecting the SIMOTION components and the desired standard and user-specific modules.

  • Maintenance-friendly
    Uniform project structure and automatic updating of the machine functions used in the project.

  • Open for extensions
    Possibility to integrate user-defined blocks and mechatronic modules and adjust existing ones.

  • Web-based diagnostics
    Generation of specific Web pages for the individual machine functions. This allows to perform commissioning or specific service tasks with a standard Web browser – without an engineering system.

  • Modular machine functions
    Simple and uniform machine structures are achieved by modularizing the machine functions using functional units in accordance with the international standard ISA-88.