SINUMERIK 828D Safety Integrated

With Safety Integrated, the SINUMERIK 828D, in combination with the SINAMICS drive system, offers an optimum platform for the implementation of safe machine concepts.
The safety functions comply with the requirements of Category 3 as well as Performance Level PL d according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 according to DIN EN 61508. As a consequence, the essential requirements relating to functional safety can be simply and cost-effectively implemented.

Included in the functional scope are, for example, functions for safe monitoring of standstill, speed and position.


The safety functions are available in all modes. They can be implemented for each individual axis and spindle. The following Safety Integrated functions are available (terms in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2):

Safety Integrated basic function

▪ Safe pulse cancellation of the drive
▪ Safe control of a holding brake
▪ Safe shutdown of a drive

System-integrated safety functions

▪ Safe monitoring of the speed
▪ Safe monitoring of the position
▪ Safe braking management

More information about the functions is provided under:

Customer benefits

  • High level of security:
    Complete implementation of the safety functions in Category 3/SIL 2/PL d

  • High level of flexibility:
    Supports the implementation of practically sound safety and operating concepts

  • Faster commissioning
    With integrated safety functions

Further information

SINAMICS Safety Integrated for integrating external axes via PROFINET

Two external axes for simple positioning tasks can be connected via PROFINET. The SINAMICS Safety Integrated basic functions can be used for these axes.

The basic functions of Safety Integrated are activated via the terminals of the SINAMICS S120 Combi Power Modules or the SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules in booksize compact format and SINUMERIK 828D. A TM54F Terminal Module is required for controlling the Extended Safety Integrated functions. For the formation of the safe control logic, fail-safe 3SK1/3SK2 or 3RK3 safety relays are recommended.

Quick and easy evaluation of safety functions

The Safety Evaluation Tool for the standards IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 gets you straight to your goal. This TÜV-tested online tool from the Siemens Safety Integrated program helps you to evaluate the safety functions of your machine quickly and reliably. You will be provided with a standard-compliant report that can be integrated into the machine documentation as a safety verification.