SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of basic standard machines. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED with 8.4” LCD together with SINAMICS V70 drive, SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motors , SIMOTICS M-1PH1 spindle motors and associated cables provide the latest ready-to-use digital CNC solutions for basic standard machines.
This ensures an excellent cost/performance ratio. The high-speed bus communication between CNC and drive ensures a closed loop for the position control, which leads to high accuracy and optimum cutting performance. The international first class CNC technology opens up unparalleled potential for basic turning and milling machines.

Typical fields of application

  • With the support of up to 5 axes/spindles, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED Turning system is sufficient for basic turning machines.

  • Thanks to the Advanced Surface function and the high dynamic SINAMICS V70 drive system, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED Milling system also covers the machining of mold & die parts. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED Milling offers a high cost/performance ratio for basic milling machines.


Higher precision due to digital spindle solution:

  • The threefold overload capacity for SIMOTICS S-1FL6 and SINAMICS V70 and the twofold overload capacity for SIMOTICS M-1PH1 with the digital spindle solution provide the machine tools a shorter acceleration/deceleration ability.

  • The workpiece achieves a better surface quality due to the stable cutting speed.

  • A high accurate and surface quality of rigid tapping can be ensured especially for milling applications.

Higher robustness:

  • Wide line supply voltage range of SINAMICS prevents the machine from shutting down under bad power supply conditions, reducing the downtime of machines.

  • In case of heavy duty cutting the spindle torque output can be tuned automatically to protect cutting tools and spindle system.

Higher user-friendliness:

  • High-speed Ethernet enables easy commissioning and diagnosis of the machine tool and management of the NC programs.

  • SINUMERIK Operate BASIC is available in more than 10 languages.