Milling competence package for perfect surfaces


Excellent milling know-how, powerful SINUMERIK CNC hardware, intelligent CNC functions and the unique CAD/CAM-CNC process chain bundled in one package – this is SINUMERIK MDynamics.


Top Surface and Advanced Surface

Optimal workpiece surfaces with superior machining speed thanks to intelligent motion control

Optimal protection against involuntary collisions

Collision Avoidance provides real-time 3D collision detection in all operating modes (JOG, MDA and AUTOMATIC)

DXF Reader for paperless manufacturing

Display of the CAD data format and direct transfer to the CNC programming

Kinematic transformations

From peripheral surface transformation with groove side offset for cylindric workpieces to statically swiveled planes for polygon machining through to dynamic 5-axis transformation (TRAORI)


For the user-friendly parameterization of moldmaking applications


  • Advanced operation and unique technology cycles
    SINUMERIK Operate is the intuitive user interface for all applications. It supports the setup of innovative cycles for moldmaking applications or when measuring the machine kinematics.

  • Ultimative shopfloor programming and high-quality CNC simulation
    Random access to NC programs and workpiece documents, paperless manufacturing and visualization of geometries in tool and moldmaking within a very short time.

  • Top class motion control
    SINUMERIK MDynamics sets up new records regarding the surface quality, precision and speed.

Typical fields of use

Optimum milling results are crucial particularly in the automotive and aircraft industry, energy and medical technologies, shopfloor manufacturing as well as tool and moldmaking. The SINUMERIK MDynamics Milling technology package is the ideal tool for such applications.