SINUMERIK Integrate Run MyRobot

The combination of robot and machine tool

New productivity standards in manufacturing - with SINUMERIK

Robot and machine tools are cooperating increasingly closely. The use of robots in production can contribute to a significant increase of productivity – for example, when robots support loading and unloading processes or assume handling tasks.

As the only manufacturer worlwide, Siemens offers with the SINUMERIK a CNC controller that is equipped with interfaces for robot integration: Run MyRobot.

Robot and machine tool: All aspects of integration

SINUMERIK Integrate Run MyRobot provides sophisticated solutions from the user-friendly connection to the convenient integration for handling tasks through to highly accurate motion control of machines with robot kinematics.

Quick and easy connection of handling robots

Robots are integrated according to the Plug-and-Play principle.

  • Predefined configuring interface, which can be adjusted highly flexibly, if needed, to the requirements arising with regard to the respective automation solutions

  • Standardized connection of robots from different manufacturers with SINUMERIK CNC

  • Increased productivity in series-oriented companies manufacturing high batch sizes using automated workpiece flow operations

Run MyRobot

Uniform robot and machine operation

No specific robot knowledge is required for programming and operation.

  • Complete robot operation and programming via SINUMERIK Operate

  • Significant simplification of the commissioning process when handling new workpieces through standardized operation on the SINUMERIK

  • Easy robot programming using cycle programming

  • Uncomplicated robot operation without time-consuming training for machine operators

Run MyRobot

Integrating the robot in the manufacturing process

The robot can be integrated in the existing CAD/CAM-CNC processes and IT infrastructure.

  • Increased productivity and flexibility, ensuring the requested precision and quality, by integrating the robot in the SINUMERIK CNC

  • More exact and faster execution of the machining program through CNC path planning, interpolation and transformation

  • Consistent integration of the robot in the CAD/CAM-CNC process chain through NX CAM robotics

Run MyRobot


Retrofit with a vision

In the manufacture of high-quality sunglasses by Silhouette, a modernized multi-spindle manufacturing plant accurately cuts the polycarbonate glasses, while an articulated-arm robot precisely feeds the blanks – both with Sinumerik CNC.

Robot control included

For its new state-of-the-art NTX 1000 machining center, DMG MORI SEIKI relies on the high-end Sinumerik 840D sl CNC for utmost precision and efficiency.

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SINUMERIK 828 is available with:

▪ Run MyRobot /Easy Connect


SINUMERIK 840D sl is available with:

▪ Run MyRobot /Easy Connect

▪ Run MyRobot /Handling

▪ Run MyRobot /Machining