Analyze MyPerformance

Recording production data with Analyze MyPerformance

With Analyze MyPerformance, SINUMERIK Integrate establishes a high level of transparency for machine data and conditions, and thus enables maximum productivity during manufacturing.

Typical areas of application

Based on the machine and status data, Analyze MyPerformance calculates the effectivity of the entire plant (Overall Equipment Efficiency - OEE) and provides important indicators for measures to increase efficiency. Through the automatic recording of machine data and conditions as well as a user dialog for the manual status recording by the operator, Analyze MyPerformance provides all the data required for the production optimization.


Increases performance:

  • Assessment of the machine productivity through determination of the OEE classifications such as availability, utilization, performance and quality


  • Wide range of evaluation options – from the system image to the fault reason and availability analyses


  • From the stand-alone solution for one machine through to the client-server solution for entire machine parks