For advanced turn-milling and mill-turning applications


SINUMERIK Operate consistently supports multitasking machining. Whether for series production or for workshop operations: Siemens offers an attractive complete machining package, and the requirement for efficient and highly productive CNC cutting.


Innovative cycles for multitasking

The SINUMERIK cycles support the operator in the even easier and faster programming of workpieces. Innovative turning and milling cycles such as the new CYCLE952 multi-channel stock removal cycle provide quicker and simpler solutions, even for complex machining tasks. Machining with turning/milling tools set at an angle is facilitated using the CYCLE800 swivel cycle.

Technology package milling SINUMERIK MDynamics

The Advanced Surface and Top Surface functions offer intelligent motion control. This is the prerequisite for the milling of geometries arbitrarily positioned in space. SINUMERIK MDynamics provides milling operations at the physical limit of the machine – and an optimal workpiece surface at the maximum machining speed.

Workpiece simulation

SINUMERIK Operate simulation guarantees maximum safety by always using the real geometries of the loaded tools. The simulation displays an exact image of the desired machining. SINUMERIK Operate simulation simulates every type of machining, such as face and cylinder surfaces, swiveled workpiece planes or even machining in multiple machining channels.


Tool management

Supports all required types of tools.

NC programming

With DIN/ISO programming and the programGUIDE editor CNC programs can be easily and flexibly combined with the powerful technology and measuring cycles. This makes SINUMERIK especially attractive to operators who prefer this classic type of programming.
The programming time is a crucial productivity factor for small series and single parts. ShopMill and ShopTurn machining step programming are unbeatable in these fields. Processes such as turning, drilling, centering, plunging, pocket milling and measuring are represented as machining steps. In this way, CNC programs are extremely compact and easily read and generated, even for complex machining operations.

Workpiece simulation

In SINUMERIK Operate sowohl für Dreh-Fräsen als auch für Fräs-Drehen.

Additional information

As of version 4.7 of the SINUMERIK Operate user interface for machine tools Siemens has significantly simplified the operation and programming of multitasking machines in particular. SINUMERIK Operate handles a multitude of production technologies, such as turning, milling, drilling and measuring, and supports the operators during their daily work with a uniform, intuitive look and feel. SINUMERIK Operate supports all machining procedures offered on multitasking machines across all technologies. This way, workpieces can be machined efficiently and completely in one chucking operation. A number of additional production technologies can be implemented on a customer-specific basis.