ePS Condition Monitoring basic

A major objective of the SINUMERIK Manufacturing Excellence portfolio is to reduce machine standstills. In this respect, Condition Monitoring essentially contributes by providing the necessary functions for status-oriented maintenance.

Investment decisions more and more depend on cost assessments covering the whole lifecycle of a machine. In addition to consumption-oriented parameters, above all unproductive times increase production costs. The technical and organizational control of maintenance processes thus increasingly gains importance.

By means of standardized test procedures, ePS Condition Monitoring supports machine operators, maintenance and service engineers in machine status assessment and machine wear monitoring over time.

Continuous machine tools status assessments allow to detect trends at an early stage and adopt resp. plan appropriate measures in time. In addition, individual machine components can be monitored cyclically.

The integrated maintenance module supports the optimization of standstills caused by maintenance through a holistic view on preventive and/or status-oriented maintenance. It is thus possible to select the optimum time for maintenance and further increase productivity.

By using all of these aspects, you can optimize the machine maintenance costs incurred in production and the Total Cost of Ownership.

Your benefits:

  • Increased system availability

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced inspection and maintenance expenditure

  • Reduced investment costs

  • Concentration on your own business