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Faster, higher, farther — the demands on aircraft and aerospace manufacturers are constantly increasing. Fortunately, the industry can rely on Siemens, a trusted partner-in-excellence and the established leader in satisfying all modern CNC aerospace machining requirements with a single solution. Regardless of your specific CNC aerospace need —laser cutting, water jet cutting, 5-axis processing, or robotics — Siemens provides in-depth knowledge of all CNC aerospace machining technologies. Our work with machine manufacturers and CAD/CAM (such as tool process monitoring system providers) ensures the highest levels of compatibility; our CNC aerospace machining experience also guarantees that all processes — from beginning to end — are executed quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of SINUMERIK for CNC aerospace machining

  • High-end solutions, with perfectly customized functions, provide speed and precision while meeting all requirements of modern aerospace CNC machining technology.

  • Support for innovative machine concepts.

  • Integrated and scalable solutions range from machine design to safety concepts and services, and include consulting, training and other services.

  • Expert knowledge extends to all related CNC aerospace machining technologies, including 5-axis processing, CNC laser cutting, CNC water jet cutting, and others.

SINUMERIK 840D sl – top level CNC aerospace machining

Open, flexible and strong are reasons that major international aircraft and engine manufacturers and suppliers already trust Siemens’ CNC aerospace machining technologies. Plus, SINUMERIK 840D sl supports all related technologies in the aerospace industry, including CNC laser cutting and CNC water jet cutting. It also is the world’s first CNC aerospace machining control system that uses special algorithms; these correct geometric residual errors such as positioning errors, horizontal and vertical straightness errors, rolling, pitching, and yawing on 3- and 5-axis machines.