Servomotors 1FT6

Universal motor for medium power precise applications with natural cooling, forced ventilation and water cooling

Active marketing of SIMOTICS S-1FT6 servo motors has been discontinued.
SIMOTICS S-1FT7 is available as a successor product.


1FT6 Servomotors

The 1FT6 motors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors that have a very small torque ripple and an almost constant torque characteristic. The motors are available in a wide range of powers.

1FT6 synchronous motors - for all high-performance motion control applications

  • Triple overload
    (with natural cooling) over a large speed range

  • Very high surface quality on the workpiece
    through high radial eccentricity and low torque ripple

  • High degree of protection
    (up to IP68)

1FT6 synchronous motors - overview of the product range

* Depending on the version and type "The detailed technical data can be found on the right-hand side via Everything about... --> Technical Information --> Technical Overview"

Rated speed*:

1,500 - 6,000 rpm

Rated power*:

0.2 - 118 kW

Static torque*:

0.4 - 300 Nm

1FT6 synchronous motors - typical areas of application

  • High-performance machine tools (e.g. fine milling, for very high turning and grinding quality)

  • Production machines with high demands on dynamic response, precision and flexibility (e.g. injection molding machines, printing machines, packaging machines)