Servomotors 1FU

The active marketing phase of SIMOTICS S-1FU servo motors has now ended. A successor product will not be made available.
In individual cases, it may be possible to use a SIMOTICS VSD4000 Line synchronous reluctance motor.

The 1FU8 SIEMOSYN motors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors with short-circuit cage for an asynchronous automatic start. They can be operated on the supply system as drives with constant speed or on a converter as variable-speed, single or group drives. The SIEMOSYN motors are used where generally high demands are placed on the speed constancy and the accuracy of the synchronous operation of several motors in a motor grouping.

1FU8 permanent-magnet synchronous motors - for single and group drives

  • Speed synchronism and accuracy
    Motors in group drives run synchronously without additional work; the motor speed is independent of the load

  • Low cabling and installation costs
    The motors do not require a speed encoder

  • High efficiency - low losses
    Low rotor and exciter losses compared to induction motors because of the operating principle

  • High maximum speeds up to 15,000 rpm

1FU8 permanent-magnet synchronous motors - overview of the product range

* Depending on the version and type
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Rated speed*:

1,000 - 3,000 rpm

Rated power*:

0.31 - 22.9 kW

Rated torque*:

1.3 - 59.6 Nm

1FU8 permanent-magnet synchronous motors - typical areas of application

Production machines (e.g. chemical fibers, glass industry, texturizing plants, rolling mills, transport systems)